Elevate Your LEGO Builds With This Plant Stem Piece

If you've ever built something out of LEGO yourself, you might have experienced the point at which the build looked fine, but you wanted it to be more. Better. I like to get the build there by adding details to it. One of my favorite parts to add is the Plant Stem, Curved with 2 Thorns and 2 Swirls (Bricklink number 28870).

Plant Stem, Curved with 2 Thorns and 2 Swirls 28870
The Plant Stem ornament comes in Pearl Gold, Trans-Neon Green, Trans Light Blue, Dark Blue and some other colors I didn't have on hand

It's a decorative part best suited for extravagant builds, full with fancy details. So it's perfect for all the Disney Princess related builds I usually do.

You can attach the Plant Stem anywhere you would be able to attach a Bar. That means that you will quickly learn how to include more parts with clips and knobs in all your lavish builds.

A Gazebo with Golden Ornaments
A gazebo made fancier with the golden details

I used Brick, Modified 1 x 1 with Stud on 1 Side 87087 and Plate, Round 1 x 1 with Open Stud 85861 on my custom gazebo to attach the Plant Stems. This made sense because I was going for a romantic vibe with the build. Had I gone for a more plain gazebo, I would have had no use for that extra flourish.

Lovely Water Fountain
Not too LEGOy water fountain

The Trans Light Blue Plant Stem is great for water imitations. Two Brick, Modified 1 x 1 with Studs on 4 Sides 4733 helped me create the lovely fountain above. It's so rounded and fluid, that it creates a very good illusion of flowing water.

That effect holds even when the Plant Stem is placed by itself.

An Enchanting Waterfall
The enchanted waterfall next to Rapunzel's water park tower

Considering it's ornamental nature, the Plant Stem appears in a surprising variety of LEGO themes. The Pearl Gold variant is the most common one, serving predominately as decoration or a fence/railing. Both Trans-Blue ones pretend to be water and the Trans-Neon one is used as slime or ghostly goo. For me, it's interesting that the piece's name is "Plant Stem" and it's used as a part of a plant only in Dark Blue within the LEGO Elves sets.

Unnecessary Golden Details on Rapunzel's Water Tower
The golden details help break up the otherwise monotonous purple roof

This is such a useful part that I plan on embellishing (almost) every build I make with it. And one day, LEGO maybe even creates it in brown or green so I can use it as a plant stem.


Almost the exact same thing, but in video form:



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