Quitting LEGO Forever (Maybe)

In January 2022, I had to do something drastic. For two years I've unsuccessfully tried to resurrect the BrickoMotion YouTube channel from the revenue drop that occurred at the start of 2020 (thanks to COPPA and Covid). I had given it my all and it still wasn't enough. The burnout was strong.

I had a choice to make. Will I continue doing the same thing and keep expecting different results, or will I do something else? I felt like anything else would be preferable, so I started looking at my options.

None were that great. I could go do a conventional job, make some money that way and possibly repeat the same soul-sucking experience I had at my previous two "real jobs". No, thank you. Self-employed I shall stay.

I felt a strong pull towards writing books and doing something different with YouTube, so that's what I decided to do.

The video that explains why I quit:

Jump forward several months and I'm doing better. I have more time for my kids, my husband, and myself. I don't look at LEGO news obsessively and I don't read hateful comments about minidolls in general. I even started writing not one, but two books and I feel like I might be on the verge of achieving some kind of work-life balance. And because this appears to be my thing now, I made a video about it.


In the future I would like to continue posting videos on both the BrickoMotion and the still newish Claire Kinmil channel, as well as keep writing. How well that will go, only time can tell.

I have hope though and I haven't had that in a long time.


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