Slightly Creepy Hidden LEGO Minidoll Heads Display

I have way too many minidoll heads. That's a fact. It's hard to find the one I need when I need it. And it's hard to remember which ones I've already painted or removed prints from. My hidden minidoll display stands fix these problems. 

Slightly Creepy Hidden LEGO Minidoll Heads Display
A wall of female minidoll heads. I keep it hidden for a reason.

To create one yourself, you'll need:

  • an original LEGO baseplate or one from any other brand (the quality isn't really important here)
  • lots of plates 2 studs wide (doesn't matter if they feature teeth marks)
  • as many 20482 Tile, Round 1 x 1 with Bar and Pin Holder as heads you want to "display"
  • minidoll heads that you want to display
Put the heads onto the 20482 parts, the parts onto the 2 stud wide plates, and wedge the plates onto the base plate shifted so the studs don't hit each other.

    Custom & Original Male LEGO Minidoll Heads Display
    Original & custom male LEGO minidoll heads

    I sort the heads by gender, skin and eye color, and other facial prints. This makes it easier for me to find the face I need for a dollification. Even if I forget the head existed. 

    The completed display fits nicely into an Ikea Kallax insert, so that's where I store them. Easily accessible, yet hidden away so nobody gets any nightmares.

    Hiding the Creepy LEGO Minidoll Heads Display Inside an Ikea Kallax
    I hide the creepy heads display inside an Ikea Kallax insert

    In the video, I explain more about how and why I made the "display" and I show some of the more interesting faces close up.


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