3 Months Without LEGO

I've been playing with LEGO and making videos about it for over 6 years. Then I stopped. I was burnt out and couldn't do it anymore. I needed an indeterminately long break.

Watch me explain what happened in the video, or read the short summary below.

I had feared I would really miss LEGO. I didn't. I could finally dedicate some time to writing and drawing. Things I've been wanting to do for years, but simply couldn't.

I had thought I would save money. I did. It's crazy how much money I was spending to always have the newest minidolls and other LEGO parts. I felt it was my obligation as a LEGO YouTuber. That pressure completely melted away when I stopped making videos.

I had hoped I would have more time for other things. I did. Even more than anticipated. Not only did I start writing and drawing (as mentioned above), I found an inner piece I'd never felt before.
The unexpected extra time I got was mostly due to not keeping up with all of the LEGO news there are. And the piece I felt is mostly due to not reading the comments on those news sites.

Overall, I'm happy with my decision. It has given me the much needed distance from both LEGO and the YouTube hustle to reevaluate what I want to do with my life. Is there still room for LEGO in it? Do I want it to be?

I'll let you know when I figure it out for myself.

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