I Turned Thanos Into Thanosa for Purely Selfish Reasons

Let's be real here. The only reason why I don't do more dollify videos is because they take so incredibly long to make. At least when I want to do them right. And I generally want to do them right, so here we are. Getting the dollifies only sporadically sprinkled in between other content.

But I've come up with a solution. What I need is somebody who's powers will help me dollify characters just like that *snaps fingers*

Big fig Thanos

Big angry not-that-helpful-looking Thanos

Yes, I want to use Thanos to dollify the world. Or, I want Thanos to use the Infinity Gauntlet for me. I would use it myself, but I don't think it's really my size. Also, Thanos is not known for his helpfulness, so I have another solution to fix my previous solution.

Infinity Gauntlet - not my size
Infinity Gauntlet - not my size

I'll first dollify Thanos into Thanosa and then convince her the LEGO world needs balancing. 50% of all minis should be minidolls and with the power of the Infinity Stones I believe we can achieve that.

So, all I need to do is dollify this one character and then she'll dollify the rest! Easy. Especially with that Marvel CMF Series coming out soon.

Starting point for Thanosa
Thanosa dollify starting point except that the hair I used was white and gold

It was clear from the beginning that this would require some work. Mostly because of the face. The uniform itself was pretty straight forward and didn't require much detailing. Only perfect symmetry, a perfect balance of Pearl Gold on Dark Blue. As usual, I achieved that on the torso, but then botched the boots.

It's fine. Nobody looks at the feet anyway. The face is the one I have to nail.

(Almost) finished Thanosa minidoll
(Almost) finished Thanosa minidoll

And nail it I have. To a certain degree. I had to completely remove the print from Ursula's head and then repaint the eyes, mouth and eyebrows so they look like a face. That took me a few tries. The eyes and eyebrows needed to be symmetrical for the facial expression I was going for. The lips luckily did not. Otherwise I might still be painting them.

Thanosa before and after the makeover
Thanosa: before and after the makeover

I wanted my Thanosa to have a self-satisfied smirk because I feel that fits the character way better than the angry face LEGO keeps putting onto the Thanos figs.

I also tried to create the thin lines Thanos has on his face several times. All of my attempts were horrendous. I wish I had pics to prove just how awful it looked, but I was so frustrated it didn't work that I forgot.

LEGO Thanos angry
LEGO Thanos angry

For a brief moment I had considered not giving Thanosa any hair, however when I found this hair piece in my stash it felt inevitable I would use it. The golden helmet/crown was just perfect. I don't think I would change anything. Except, of course, the hair color. Dark Purple was the first color that popped into my mind and, after short consideration, it also seemed like the best option.

While I was literary waiting for the paint to dry, I decided to paint a few other hair pieces Dark Purple. This way I didn't waste my time and Thanosa now has a few options for when she wants to let her hair down.

Alternative Thanosa hair styles
Different hair options for Thanosa that I couldn't resist painting

But not now! Now we need to dollify the world.

As expected, the big fig gauntlet is too big for the minidoll. I had to craft that too. The only gauntlety type of thingy that I could find was a Minifigure Utensil Bandage / Cast 30924 which was not at all what I wanted. But it was either that or I make something completely custom that's not gonna be removable. Several hours later, I had filed off the cast details and was left with a smooth white surface. Excellent for painting.

Original and filed and painted over cast
Mini cast vs. filed off and painted cast - different enough?

When the painting was done, I tried not to think too much about does this really look like a gauntlet. I just moved on. Instead of the original bulky LEGO Infinity Stones I decided to use tiny rhinestones.

Rhinestone Infinity Stones
Only a part of my rhinestone collection purchased to act as Infinity Stones

And then I remembered why I never finished this project. No matter how many different rhinestone sets I bought - I never found an appropriate yellow one. Even if it looked yellow in the pics. But now I'm committed to get this done. Even if I need to stretch the definition of a yellow Infinity Stone a bit. And it was more oval looking in the movie anyway.

Two Infinity Gauntlets
Still, none of the gauntlets are my size

All done. And with every Infinity Stone in the right place. There's nothing left to do but dollify half of the LEGO population. Thanosa, go ahead.

Thanosa doing the snap
Thanosa doing the snap


Nothing happened.

I might be that, in order for the Infinity Gauntlet to work, it needs real Infinity Stones. Go figure.

Oh well, at least I still have the alternative hair styles for Thanosa. They are, in order: exceedingly amazing, exceptionally fierce, extraordinarily fairy taley and excessively feline. And I dare you to disagree.

(you can see them at the end of the video)


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