Free LEGO Colors Poster Download

The “LEGO Colors Poster” presents a reference list of all the LEGO colors that were in use in 2022 while looking absolutely stunning. You can get it as a physical poster, a high-resolution (300 dpi) PDF, or as a lower resolution (100 dpi) JPG.

 Free, digital, and physical LEGO Colors poster comparison

The JPGs are the same in design as the digital posters (PDFs), but don’t zoom in or print as well. They are free though. And, just as the digital posters, they come in 4 variants.

Free and digital LEGO Colors Poster text readability comparison

Choose which spelling you prefer (US – Color or UK - Colour), and which paper size you use (Letter or A4). Then download the corresponding file.



Free LEGO Colors Poster - A4


Free LEGO Colours Poster - Letter


Free LEGO Colours Poster - A4

From the beginning, I’ve envisioned the LEGO Colors Poster as the Large (50x70 cm / 20x28″) version of the poster. There, the printed LEGO pieces are the same size as in real life and the text is easily readable (about the size you would find in an average book for adults). All other versions of the poster are shrunk. Including the text on them. That makes them simultaneously harder to read and more practical.

I personally think the smaller versions look absolutely adorable. However, my favorite remains the Large poster.

You can take a look at all the poster variants here: