Turn Puppy Cube's Ears into Minidoll Capes

The new animal LEGO Friends cubes are out. Three out of five have fabric head/cube parts. I needed to know if they would work as capes on minidolls.

LEGO Friends Animal Cubes with Cloth Parts

The flamingo and bunny have the same stiff type of fabric, whereas the puppy's ears are soft and fluffy.

All of the fabric pieces have at least one stud wide hole in them. That makes them, at least in theory, fit for use on both the minidolls and the minifigures. While I'll concentrate on the dolls, all of the conclusions (regarding the neck) are applicable to the figs as well.

The Fails

First let's look at what doesn't work: the stiff ones.

Stephanie with a Bunny Ear on That's Trying to Be a Veil
The bunny ear won't bend by itself.

I used Stephanie to model the bunny ear. If it's held down with a long hair piece, you could use it as a really really really long cape. Personally, if I'd want such an extravagantly long cape, I'd want it made out of a softer material. One that would fall nicely. This one doesn't do that. It even makes regular old standing an even bigger bother for Stephanie than it already is.

Because of it's length, I tried to use the bunny ear as a veil. It didn't work.

Capes Only in the Widest Sense of the Word
Capes only in the widest sense of the word.

The flamingo cube features two feathers. A pink and a light pink one. The pink one used as a cape looks weird, but passable in certain situations. However, I wanted to test out if it would fit a minidoll as a dress. It does. Technically.

Mia in a Stiff Pink Flamingo Feathers Dress
The pink dress that couldn't.

The material doesn't comply with the standard rules of gravity. Mia could hold the sides down with her arms, but her backside would still be exposed. Therefore, this is a dress I cannot recommend.

The light pink flamingo feather is a bit different.

The Hits

It's still stiff but the hair manages to hold it down. It's long but not overly so. So this one will go into my collection.

Olivia With the Light Pink Feather Cape
Olivia in her new light pink torn cape.

The texture of the lavender and the white ear is what you would expect a LEGO winter cloak would be. They both work very well as capes even though they're slightly longer than the minidolls are used to.

Puppy Ears Make Great Capes
Puppy ears make great minidoll capes.

For now, I've stored all of these fabric pieces alongside the cubes they came with. I think they make better ears than capes. But should the opportunity present itself for Andrea to rock the white cape again - I will not hesitate to amputate it from the cube.

LEGO Friends With Capes Repurposed from Their Cube Accessories
Who wears the repurposed ears best?



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