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The Story of BrickoMotion

Once upon a time in 2015, a small YouTube channel named BrickoMotion was created. Its mission was to explore the possibilities of custom LEGO builds and monochrome minidoll outfits. So that it did. For a year it kept publishing videos that no one was interested in watching. Until it did something unexpected.

BrickoMotion turned the Scooby Doo gang into LEGO minidolls. A weird concept at the time. But a month or so after the video was published, views were starting to accumulate. Apparently, people liked this weird dollify concept.

My Little Pony Equestria Girls as LEGO Minidolls

In the coming years, BrickoMotion showed the world what My Little Pony characters and Taylor Swift would look like in minidoll form. It even imagined how the Disney Princesses might dress for a spooky Halloween party. As the original LEGO attires weren’t suited for all of these special occasions, many of the pieces were painted.

Disney Princesses in Halloween Costumes
The little channel grew and grew until it wasn't so little anymore. Many found the joy in customizing their LEGO collection, but even more couldn't replicate what they were watching. They didn't have the tools.
BrickoMotion wanted to help them, but it didn’t know how. So, it thought, and it tested many ideas until one of them finally worked. BrickoMotion became a web shop as well. It would sell patterns for minidoll accessories that people could create out of paper and decorate themselves. Without having to paint over any of their precious LEGO pieces.

Now BrickoMotion is encouraging people to add paper and other materials to their LEGO collection. You can find inspiration on the Project Ideas page and the patterns among the Products. When you create your monochrome (or polychrome) dresses, share them on social media using #CraftyDressify


About Claire

Claire Kinmil Avatar

Claire is the occasional mastercreator behind the YouTube channel, web shop and blog BrickoMotion.

When LEGO minidolls first came out, Claire started hoarding them „for her toddler daughter“. A few years later, any notion that the LEGO collection might belong to the kids was squashed. The parts were needed for important work – filming videos. Not a common career choice for a Physics and Computer Science teacher, but one Claire doesn’t regret.

With her husband Ryan Kinmil, Claire writes short fiction stories and articles about writing on kinmil.com. She then reads those stories on the YouTube channel Claire Kinmil Crafts Stories.

If not building or writing, Claire likes to read, craft, and play boardgames. Sometimes even separately.